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Asian Beauty

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Please read the following prior to joining this community

Asian Beauty is a community on beauty and fashion for women of Asian decent. Everyone is welcome, provided that all members respect one another's opinions and stay within the main purpose of this community. We are a PRO-HEALTHY community that does not support unsafe eating habits. If you are suffering from an eating disorder, please seek help from a medical professional as soon as possible. Thank you.


Fill out this MANDATORY SURVEY when you first join as a member.

1. Please be courteous to all members. Debates are welcomed but please refrain yourself from personal attacks as well as using derogatory/obscene terms.

2. There is absolutely NO SOLICITING allowed in this community.

3. If you are a guy, please respect the people in this community. We do not condone men coming in here to find women to talk to/harrass/anything considered inappropriate (which will be determined by the moderators as well as the members of asian_beauty). Asiaphiles need not join this community.

4. Breaking of rules 1-3 will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL AND BANNING FROM THIS COMMUNITY

5. Please make all posts relatable to beauty (all forms are acceptable). Moderators will remove any posts or comments deemed inappropriate, derogatory, obscene, harmful, or irrelevant to this community at our discretion.


-All posts MUST have a subject title.
-Please read the FAQ's before posting.
-If you cannot find an entry in the FAQ's or through the subject headings in the Archives, please use LJSeek to find what you are looking for
-When posting FOTDs (and other personal pictures), you must use the FRIENDS ONLY security option.
-Posts with large pictures and/or posts with more than one picture should be placed under a lj-cut.
Entries that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted immediately.

6. Sales are permissible in this community only on Sundays (U.S. Time)! Please leave your sale items behind a lj-cut or link it to your personal page.

7.Posts with questions relating to high school prom or graduations are also only permitted on Sundays. SHOW AND TELL PICTURES are permitted weekly within the designated post (post as a comment, one of the moderators will put up a friends-only post every Sunday/Monday to let our members show off their prom dresses or graduation attire during April/May).

8. Please do not ask us to remove members because of a difference of opinion.

- Once a LJ-er clicks on the join link to this community, it is a binding agreement that you comply with the rules of the Asian_Beauty Community. You are to adhere to these rules and it is under the assumption that you have read the rules.

- All rules created are retro-applicable to all members of this community, meaning, regardless of your term of membership, it will apply to you.

- The rules created are not meant to be tyrannical, idiotic, or for amusement. The rules were made to ensure that this community functions properly without incessant interruption from unnecessary complications between members. If you, in any way, shape, or form, try to disrupt the peace of the community, you will be reprimanded immediately without hesitation.

- Healthy debate between members is encouragable, however, if the debate turns nasty, whoever made the first personal attack opens themselves to counter-attacks from anyone in this community. Therefore, those who were the target of the original unnecessary comment and those that defend him/her will have immunity to any comment he/she makes towards the person that has offended them. By unnecessary comment, I mean anything that's uncalled for, criticism that comes off as a personal attack, and comments that are degrading.

- Please do not ask in our community what we think of your body, you should learn to love your body instead of comparing it to others. We come in all shapes and sizes and we refuse to acknowledge a single ideal size/figure/whatnot. We do not tolerate "comparision" posts that might ultimately make other members feel inferior about their own bodies, regardless of expressed intention of the poster.

- The cliched term, if you don't have anything nice to say or even remotely constructive, keep it to yourself applies in this community.

Please feel free to contact any of the moderators for further questions (we will discuss this and will reply with an appropriate response within 72 hours of recieving your comments).
Our contact address is LJAsianBeauty at gmail dot com.


ka_ling,withopeneyes21, and lifeinmanila


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