ghetto superstar (czirconium) wrote in asian_beauty,

anyone remember "sunday sales"? :)

Rachel Comey Oxfords, size 6 or 6.5

(stock picture of the same shoe style, the ones im selling are a smooth texture on the leather)

Rachel Comey Brewer Derby Oxfords
in smooth black leather
marked size 7.5 but RUNS A FULL SIZE SMALL because of the pointed toe and small toe box. I always wear size 7 in shoes, but these feel tight. I would recommend them for a 6.5.

half rubber sole and heel taps added on each shoe.

$130 + $10 shipping in the USA
$20 shipping to Canada
$25 shipping to Australia

I have many more things for sale, some are listed here:
just let me know and I can end the eBay listing and sell it to you for the starting bid price :)

(wasnt sure how active this community still was so I didn't want to post a bunch of things if no one is even here!)
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