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Jarah Mariano

March 2016



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returning an open product at sephora?

Hello there loves!

My bf told me the night I met him that my eyes were red. I thought it was because I've been studying so much for this big exam last month, even thought I was using my new Diorshow waterproof mascara for the first time.
I used it again today, and by the end of the day my eyes are very red =( I never had this reaction before!
I bought it online, but I was thinking about going to the store itself to see if i can exchange it. Has anyone returned an open product to a sephora store due to a reaction and been successful? is it even possible? I couldn't find the answer in their website.

Another question, which other mascara would give me the same volume as Diorshow? I'm in love wit the volume it gives. I'm sad I won't be able to find a substitute for my favourite mascara =(

thank you!!


sephora is really good about their return policy; i think they usually bend the 60 day rule too.
thank you! i'll try it =)
Yes, you can return used products as long as it's within 60 days (but there are ways around this since they offer exchanges and store credit even if you don't have your receipt).

From their website:

Returning an Order to a Sephora Store
Visit any Sephora store* and return your purchase within 60 days of receiving your order.

Please ensure that you bring the enclosed Packing Slip and Merchandise Return Form that was included in the original package along with the item that you wish to return. A Sephora staff member will process your return at any Sephora store.
Gosh, thank you!
hmm I'm out of town now and I don't have anything. The only proof I have it's in my online account. I think I'll take my laptop and show her there! Hopefully they will understand
thank you again!
i have read ppl comparing diorshow to full n soft. i like full n soft and its what i use
Thanks! I like full'n'sot too =) I like it a lot for day wear. I'll try using it with more coats for night wear, and see how it goes =)
Sephora is super nice about returns. I bought some eye cream that wasn't doing it for me at the store, and they didn't even bat an eye. :)
thank you! I'm going to go today =)
You can definitely return it openbox. I have done so several times. lol. Hmm, my friend is allergic to this mascara too. Good luck finding another one! =)
I just read your post more closely. Yes, you can also return things you buy online at the store. I returned an online-bought item (some eyeshadow box) simply because I didn't like the quality, and they accepted it too. So you shouldn't encounter any problem. Make sure you have the online receipt though. =D
Thank you! I'm planning to go today. I'm taking my laptop with my ordering history there. I don't have the hard copy receipt! I hope it works!


Sorry about the reaction!
You should definitely be able to return it though.

I actually used Diorshadow and loved it, but mine dried out within a month. Yes, I tightened the lid when I closed it(:

I went to a MAC makeup class one time and found out this new mascara-Plush Lash. I tried it and laughed at myself when I thought Diorshadow was great mascara.
Definitely try it, I think it's around $12?
You'll love it!

Re: :(

I've never tried MAC's mascaras. I'll try this one for sure! the price is great too! Thank you =)
sephora will take back anything with or without box/receipt
I used to work there and it drove me insane when we had to take back empty moisturizers

try lorac mascara they are great for sensitive eyes or bare escentuals
I went yesterday before reading your comment! you are right! the lady that helped me didn't even asked my for a receipt! I was really happy with their customer service =) I used the mascara only for 2 times =)
I'll try lorac and bare escentuals next! thank you!
:) that's why I like shopping there bc usually great c/s and the return policy is lenient
and I can buy things and if I hate it I can return it
I'm currently loving Estee Lauder's Sumptuous mascara that just came out.
sounds interesting! thank you! I'll try it too =)
benefit's badgal works wonders for me. (: