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Jarah Mariano

March 2016



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Dying hair from black to reddish brown

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice and suggestions about dying hair.
Ok, currently my hair is black, or maybe a dark dark brown and it was dyed black. The blond highlights from my previous dye job has been creeping back, telling me "time for a touch up"!

So I go to the store and decided I actually don't want to stay with black hair. I now want brown reddish hair. I leave the store without buying any b/c I wasn't sure of what to get to make my hair brown.

Here's my question: Should I use a blond dye to get the brown color?
BTW, I don't want to go to a salon to strip the darkness of my hair. I just wanna buy hair dye at the store and do it at home.

Here's my current hair color:

LOL! My hair is actually that long.

I'd like to get this:
Yeah, I got these from Rasysa. LOL!


MY hair is that color but I didn't have to dye it blonde to get it to that brown shade.^^
If your hair is dyed black, those at home kits will not work on your hair. The roots where there's natural hair growth will change the color, but wherever there's dye it will stay black. Stripping is the best option, and you can do it yourself too. There's a kit at Sally's called color zap.
this is what happened to me haha
you need to use a hair lightener or bleach first to strip the black out otherwise its just a waste of hair dye. and be sure to cover all of your hair from tips to roots otherwise youll have horrible pieces or yellow/black hair.

so yeah, lighten your hair and then apply the selected dye
and make sure you use an old towel! cause dying your hair at home tends to get messy
i was the exact same situation as you a few months ago.
i had black hair but i wanted to go to a reddish brown so i went to a salon. the girl had to bleach my hair to an orange colour and my roots a yellow colour. then she dyed it and it came out to almost that exact colour. it took five hours. :/ and you could see some of my blond streaks from a year ago. it was strange.

haha, i know you don't want to go to a salon but i just thought i'd share with you my experience incase you change your mind.
aww thanks guys! I think I'll reconsider going to a salon now. It's just that my friend had to do the same thing and she had a bad experience, that's why I didn't want to go to a salon. BUT, I'll try find a good place... once I get my next paycheck, hahah!
Not related but.. I love your vest in the first pic! Where'd you get it? :D
Forever 21!!! =)
Oh thanks - do you know if it's still available on their website?
I dont think they have it now, bc I bought it a year ago. =/
Buuuuut I DO know that Gap has new vests which are just as nice. I know bc I work there! Lol! New women's clothes! Get it before they don't have your size!
i agree w/ the other girls, you will not get the reddish brown if you dye over your black hair. only your roots will take color and then you'll end up w/ hot roots.

go to cvs and buy color oops. it worked really well stripping this murky blue-black shade out of my hair. then use a demi-permanent hair color over it. watch your processing time cuz the color will absorb fast since your hair is porous.

you might want to wait until your hair grows out to try this, but Aveda's Clove conditioner (only the conditioner contains the dye) can give a subtle brownish red cast to your hair. Another possibility: try natural Henna (make sure that it hasn't been mixed in with other chemicals). Those alternatives are all much more gentle on your hair--but the results will also be more subtle.