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Jarah Mariano

March 2016



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White gold or yellow gold, which looks best on your skin tone?

So this is for my fellow nocturnal beauties (damn, it's really 4am)...

Which do you think you look better in, white gold or yellow gold? Because in what seemed like eternity, white gold was always the preference of everyone I knew. But looking around now, in magazines and all trends alike, more and more people (I should really say women) are beginning to wear yellow again. And I recently read on a magazine that you should really wear what looks best against your own skin. With that said, I've always worn white gold because it was "in". Yeah I know, I'm guilty for being a slave to fashion trends. But now that I'm paying more attention, I think I look better in yellow gold. Mind you, I'm really white (NC25ish) especially in the Winter, and I noticed that wearing yellow gold gives me some color (or so I keep telling myself).

So, I'm just curious...which do you guys wear? 



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Recently, I've been leaning towards yellow golds myself. :O Which is a shocker because I always believed white gold looked better, too. Although, I think I'll always stick to white gold for rings, but that's just personal preference.
haha, my point exactly. i've always thought that white gold looked better. but now i'm liking the look of yellow gold.
All my jewellery seems to be white gold for some reason. I got my diamond solitaire engagement ring in white gold, because I thought the diamond looked nicer with the white, all clean and fresh somehow. Then all my other jewellery just stemmed from that.

I'm a bit darker, they're telling me NC40 now and I find that the white gold just pops more.
i think for NC40 white gold does stand out more. i'm nc25 and i just noticed now that white gold just makes me look even more white =/ who wants to look like casper in the summer anyway?
I prefer yellow because it complements the warm tone of my (our? :p) yellow-toned skin. With the exception of red carpet-worthy bling, I think white gold/silver/etc looks too "bling" more often than not (on me and most people I see, though I know some people can definitely pull it off). I think of white metal as new-style hip and trendy, and yellow metal as traditional, classy and romantic (more so).
agree, it does look a lot more traditional...and i didn't think of it as romantic before, but thanks for pointing that out. again, i agree.
I like both? Depends on my mood. Generally I lean more towards silver, but a little yellow gold never looks bad. :D I got a platinum engagement ring and wedding ring, though. :D
well, i gotta force myself to like both now seeing that all of my basic jewellery (which is all what i wear anyway) is all in white gold. but like i said, i'm liking the yellow gold more now which means i have to buy a whole 'nother separate set of it =/
yellow gold looks good when paired with vibrant colored clothing. i wear tiffany's silver (very plain) for every day use.
hey it does! i've been seeing a lot of gold being paired with loud colors on magazines, it's really nice.
for me, yellow is for special occasions... seeing as here, white isn't really worth much, but yellow gold resale prices are constant.
i think, if i can remember, you're in singapore right? i might be wrong. here in canada, any type of jewellery isn't worth much after resale unless of course it's an antique =/
I always thought yellow gold looked tacky. But now that I'm a little older, I'm starting to prefer it more too because it always looks more sophisticated. White gold looks too much like silver...

I have also found that yellow gold looks better on me (my skin tone is the same shade as yours). My boyfriend actually noticed first, so he always buys me yellow gold jewellery. Now I don't like the look of silver/white gold rings on my fingers anymore...
awww...that's how i started feeling just recently. my mom gave me some gold bangles the other day and at first i automatically didn't like it because i've been so used to wearing white gold, but after a while (and a lot of staring in the mirror) i started to take notice that it looks nicer on my skin tone. it really compliments my skin color.

now if only i had the money to replace all of my white gold in a snap =/
I wear both - depending on the occasion.
I wear my white gold and diamond engagement ring and my white gold and diamond stud earrings daily.
my daily basics are all in white gold; necklace, earrings, my ring, and my watch. and it sucks that i'm liking the look of yellow gold now because then i'd have to start buying all these things in yellow.
I don't wear anything silver colored...silver, white gold, platinum. I prefer the look of yellow gold and think it looks better with the tone of my skin, so I'm quite happy it's abck in fashion :)
if only i could say the same thing! now i have to buy everything in yellow gold...
yay! yellow gold is making its way back! ive never thought anything silver coloreed looked good on me. i started out nc40 back in the day and 7 years later i'm nc25. since my grandma is from thailand she gives me all 24k yellow gold and thats pretty much all i wear. sometimes a lower karat for the gold looks better with my skin, but over all i'm all about yellow gold.
yeah, it's pretty neat how yellow gold is back. i remember when my mom used to buy me all sorts of jewellery in yellow gold, but that was years ago and i think i gave them back to her =/ now i have to steal them back...
Wow, I guess I'm the only one who prefers white gold. I can't stand yellow gold, but rose gold is lovely.
i saw a ring in rose gold at the mall the other day, it is lovely! it's funny how that's the only word i can use to describe it.
I prefer white gold. While yellow gold may look better on my skin, white gold doesn't look bad. It's pretty much a neutral.
i like the look of white gold when i'm wearing white clothing. it looks so classic to me for some reason.
I've always liked white gold. I don't like anything yellow on me jewelry-wise.
I've always prefered the look of white gold/silver/etc. but I know that being Chinese, the yellow gold is complimentary to my skin color. I have both in jewelry. My engagement ring is yellow gold because that's what my fiance picked out. But my jade charm is on a silver necklace so... hopefully it's not gauche to mix but my Indian friend has an amazing jewelry collection and she mixes all the time. Seems to work for her so hopefully I can pull it off too.
i've got my boyfriend of 5 years so confused with this whole white gold yellow gold thing. he said the other day, "don't get mad at me if i end up with the wrong color when i pick out your engagement ring!" i told him i really don't care as long as HE picks it out himself, but deep down, i think i want him to get me yellow gold =/
i like yellow gold
I actually like both, but for different things. I tend to prefer white gold, but I love a yellow gold and pearl combination. Also, I think yellow looks better on my skin because it brings out the golden in my otherwise pretty darn white skin. :)
I prefer yellow gold but only if it's dainty and not too clunky. Then it looks cheap and too "bling bling". :P

I think white gold colors wouldn't go nearly as well as yellow gold on my skin tone, but I can't wear yellow gold all the time since I have a lot of cool colored clothing that would clash with it.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to decide the type of metal for my engagement ring...
I think yellow probably matches my skin better, but I normally prefer to wear white b/c it feels more...casual?
i personally wear white gold b/c i'm allergic to most other metals (including silver, which i happen to pine after). i think yellow gold can be perfectly beautiful, but i have to say, the jewelry itself has to be elegant and simple. it's a bold statement in color alone, so it doesn't need a lot of embellishment. like, no giant chains, gold-plated names, large charms, or the like. and i think it also depends on what you're wearing; if what your outfit is relatively spartan (just a tube/tank top), yellow gold really adds a touch of glamour. for a more complicated/casual outfit, i tend to stick to white gold/silver.
Personally, if I wanted to wear *real* gold jewelry, then I would wear yellow gold because white gold looks too similar to silver.
I wear jewelry based on my outfit so I switch off between white gold/silver and yellow gold, but I think that yellow gold looks best against my skin. I'm pretty ghostly pale about 99.99% of the time (once in a blue moon I'll be lightly tanned :P) but I still have yellow undertones so yellow gold still looks better.
Lol I like rose gold but the only jewellery I wear on a daily bsis is bought by my mother, who thinks white gold is nicer ^^
I think diamonds and pink pearls look alot better against white gold though, and she likes to have me wear pink pearls and diamonds so perhaps that's why?
i like white gold better it's always been a preference for me
i have some yellow gold things but I don't really wear them
I wear both, but I prefer white gold. I've never been a big fan of yellow gold for some reason. I'm not sure which one looks better on me and I'm more on the tan side.
I also pick out out my jewelry depending on what I wear but I usually lean towards silver ;)
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