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Jarah Mariano

March 2016



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like_a_star_x in asian_beauty

Digital Perm in Orange County

Hi ladies!

I'm fresh from the finals chopping block and I'm ready to pamper myself for spring break. I really want to get my hair digital(ly) permed so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for salons in the Orange County area. Also, about how much on average does it cost? I've tried looking for costs online but I can't seem to find any for the US specifically =/. Thanks a bunch~


I checked Yelp, there didn't seem to be any in OC (that were reviewed at least).

I found one in LA but the reviews for digital perms specifically weren't that great. =/

You can read them for yourself - http://www.yelp.com/biz/kim-sun-young-beauty-salon-los-angeles

One of the reviews mentioned that she paid $150 although they quoted her $130 over the phone.

PS - Do you know the difference between a "digital" perm & a "ceramic" one?
there's kim sun young in OC too i believe (maybe irvine?)! they're pretty reputable among the korean salons so i would recommend going there.

ceramic perms came out before digital perms. i think digital gives more of a round wave, whereas ceramic is more of a wavy wave, if that makes sense. lol.
Oops, I found one in OC (Laguna Beach) but it wasn't on Yelp and their list price is $300+ but in an article about the salon, it said it started @ $400.

It's called Studio DC Salon - http://www.studiodcsalon.com/services/

There's also Miho Style in Beverly Hills - http://e.mihostyle.com/

$200 for partial, $300 for full

So based on that, I'm guessing the average price for a good digital perm is going to be about $300.

hoooly cow, how pricey =/
thank you soso much for looking it up for me though! i really appreciate it =)
I've just today heard of a digital perm, and I'm still not sure what it is!