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Jarah Mariano

March 2016



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coffeeforone in asian_beauty

Body shapes

This is really just out of my curiousity... What are your body shapes?

I have the typical Asian petite body, but I'm sorta stocky too! I have short legs and arms and although I don't believe I'm fat (well, yes, sometimes but not really), they are the reasons why I would say that I am. A guy in high school once said I had "man arms" :(

I'm just interested in what other Asian girls' body types are. Most of my (Asian) friends are just petite (small all around) or tall with curves (the lucky ones).


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I'm petite (5' 1/2") with a hourglass shape that's more bottom heavy. I'm a 34B with a 24" waist and 35" hips to give you a good idea of my shape. I also have a more athletic looking body because of my muscle.

I kind of have "man arms" too. I'm always getting comments and compliments on how toned and big my biceps are. :/ I like that they're toned but I hate how big my biceps are.
*grins* I remember...that's probably why we often end up shopping the same brands....
I don't know what body shape I am, but I'm 5'3 and skinny above the waist and heavy below :oP I have a pretty big butt for an asian girl I guess and people always comment on it. Also my legs and calves are really big too, and everyone thinks I play soccer because of it. I really don't like those comments even if people don't mean to insult me.
it's always interesting how people react to those comments. I have a friend who does play soccer...and I always thought that she has the typical soccer players body. On one of her journal entries (on body image), I told her so...and she was incredibly pleased...she had never thought of herself that way before.

I'm in a sport where I will most likely end up with huge quads--better yet, one quad disporportionally larger then the other. *grins* while it may not look that fantastic, say, on a runway...I'm oddly proud of it.

I'm 5'4'' and currently 105 pounds with measuresments of 32 bust, 24 waist, and 35 hip. I have skinny legs and arms, small oval face, broad shoulders, wide hips, size 6 1/2 feet, and ?? I guess I have the typical asian body but with more of an hourglass frame.

I'm 5'3" and a half and 130 pounds. 36, 27, 40. I suppose I'm bottom heavy ;)
You have the ghetto booty ;-)
I'm 5 ft and I don't really have that many curves, really. XD I'm just small all aroun. I wish I was taller though. ;(
I need to learn how to actually proofread before pressing the post button XD
it may be worth your while to do an ljseek on this topic--we have a box for it on our info page. This topic has come up a few times, and you may find the other results to be interesting.

From what I've seen, there is no generic asian body shape--despite the stereotypes. Some of us are short, skinny, and curvy (me!)..some of us are tall and lanky...tall and curvy...and just about every other combination you can think of.

"fat" is such a non-descriptive word. I weight more now then I did a few years ago, yet I wear 3 dress sizes smaller (and I haven't grown an inch). My arms and legs are definitely bigger--but I'm rather proud of my "man arms" (speaking of which, I need to get my lazy ass back into the gym if I want to keep my upper body muscles)..

Personally, I got smacked with the "typical" asian height (I do believe that we are, on average, shorter the most caucasians..though this varies widely among individuals)-I'm a shade under 5'2. I'm fairly thin, but also really curvy (32DD, 22/23, 33)--I have no idea how that works. I (usually) work hard to stay really muscular...though my body build doesn't retain muscle well.
i've had a friend crack up when she saw me in shorts in high school, only to stop after a long time to say "oh sorry... it's just... it surprises me that you're so... UNPROPORTIONAL..."

yea it made me kinda upset, but weird thing is, she REALLY wasnt trying to be mean. =\

i'm 5 feet, pretty short. lost some weight recently, but generally still pretty... hmm "chunky" in the lower half. not very curvy, except i have large hips and once had a huge butt to go with the big "elephant legs" (as my dad called them!) and not the most slender arms. big feet big hands, haha all the not so flattering and most unproportional things put together.

pretty "muscular" too actually. big boned, they call it.

i'm not FAT, just.. unproportional.
I'm 38, 28.5, 38. I guess sorta hourglass shaped. I'm only 5'3.5" though.

I'm 5'6" and about 130 pounds. My fat is all spread out so I look relatively proportional, but my limbs are a little thick. Particularly my upper thighs, which throw everything off. My waist looks thin from the side, but I have little to no curves when viewed from the front. My upper arms are jiggly and sad.

Measurements: 34B, waist 27-28, hips 36.
"My upper arms are jiggly and sad."

Awww! My arms sympathize. Heh.
I'm tall and have an athletic body (even though I don't do sports). (5'7.5'' and around 145lbs which is normal) I have 36C boobs so that's different but my booty isn't much.
I'm pretty boring sized. 5'2" and 105-110 lbs, and a 34(A)-24-36. I have wide hips, but not very much booty to balance it out ::is sad::.

My "problem" areas are my upper arms and my tummy. Everything else behaves itself remarkably well. But those two spots! Gah. Not "fat" but "untoned," which annoys me.
really skinny and flat-chested. 94lbs, 5'4. stomach sticks out more than my chest :)
awww, i hear ya, sistah!
You're tiny!
5'2", 95-105 lbs (it depends if it's midterm time.. which it is. Since midterms JUST started for me, I'm at 100.) 34A, 24-25 waist, and no idea about my hips.
I'm proportionate, as long as I wear long straight cut jeans with heels/boots, and only wear flats with TINY shorts/skirt.

Yippy, there is another oriental girl who is shaped like me! You have described my body shape expect that I am 5'5, 36DD big shoulders
I'm 5'4" and somewhere around 120-125 lbs. (I don't know; I don't own a scale and I don't want one.) I'm pretty average-sized, I guess. I wouldn't call myself petite and I'm not really curvy. I have subtle curves: 33-28-33.
I bike pretty much everywhere, so my legs are mostly muscle but my upper body looks less athletic.
wow, im surprised to see so many different figure types. in a strange way, i always thought there was only one stereotypical asian type (short and thin!). well that would fit me best. im 5 2', weigh about 105 and am pretty skinny and relatively non-curvy. i think this description fits the majority of all my asian friends. we're all relatively short and skinny. hahah. im an A cup, which is pretty small if you think about it and though i would love to have bigger boobs, ive always been okay with being so small chested just cz every other asian girl i know is small chested too! haha
I'm petite. Slight curves, long limbs and big hands and feet. The long limbs balance out my short but slender frame.
I'm short, but I'm not really skinny. I have kind of broad shoulders and big upper arms (from when I used to do lots of pushups... I had bigger triceps than some of my guy friends). It's such a pain when sleeves don't fit right though. =( I've got a tad of flab on the tummy area, which I can be self-conscious about, but most of the time I'm pretty confident with myself (even with my small behind). My legs tend to be pretty toned because of my tendency to walk places instead of taking the bus (even though I have a bus pass) or getting a ride. So yeah, I guess I'm kind of top-heavy.
Anyway, in terms of measurements, I'm 5'1"-5'2", 34B/C (depending on brand), 27 waist, and 36 hips. As for weight, I'm about 120 lbs right now (give or take a couple pounds).
5'4", although it feels like I'm shrinking. :[
105-120 lbs, depending on school, exercise, my rag, etc.
32/34A.....I don't know my other measurements. :\
I think I have broad shoulders. My arms are skinny; they're the weakest part of my body. -__-;
As someone said up there (^), my stomach sticks out more than my boobs! Lol
But I at least got a little booty if nothing else. ;P
Hah I'm tiny, but I think I've got some curves. I'm about 5'3", 115 lbs as of Sunday, that's a BMI of 20.4 I think. A 34A, but I think I might have to bump myself up another band size or cup size soon o_o

I'd say I'm average and slightly curvy.
My thighs are pretty big while my arms aren't pretty... average.

I'm 5'4, 117 lbs and a 29" hips.
*are pretty average
im petite, slim but curvy. im about 5'2" ish, 32E-25-34. i love having curves as most people always comment how they expect us asians to be skinny and boobless!! my mum had an amazing figure when she was younger so me and my sis were lucky to be blessed with a rack and a butt :) i would ideally love to be 5'6" so then jeans would be perfect
Where do you purchase your bras/lingerie? I have the hardest time finding something with a cup size larger then a B or a C in the 32 band. Most stores assume that if you're a 32, you have to be an A or B...which obviously isn't true for many of us. I shop online, but end up returning half of my lingerie purchases...some sizing is so damn inconsistent.

UK sizes baffle me...I don't think that we have an E cup in the US (but we have, oddly enough, a DD...are those the same thing?)
I have the same problems with boots!!!
Look for the ones with the elastic... or go for lower than knee boots I guess.
I'm about average height - 5'5. I have a pretty big skeletal build that people say I "wear" well. Most of my friends and family would never guess that I weigh 140-145 regularly - I usually always pass for being 110-120lbs. My dress size is 5-6, waist size is 27-28.

I put on muscle pretty easily and I really love my arms and back. My legs are short/stocky but not too bad. My breasts aren't HUGE, but they're proportioned to everything else.

And of course - I have the rice belly. I hate how hard it is for Asians to get nice flat tummies.

I'm happy with my body. I lost about 40lbs when I went vegetarian 3 years ago and have luckily been able to keep it off.
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